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In recent years the number of women's specific mountain bikes has grown considerably.  Once a male-dominated sport, mountain biking has opened up into a full-blown equal-opportunity sport - and for the better.  Need proof?  YouTube is overflowing with videos of women tackling serious trails in competitions all over the world, not to mention the olympic games.  Here's a clip from the 2008 U.S. Mountain Bike National Championship:

In light of that, MountainDiamond is happy to showcase the top DiamondBack mountain bikes currently on sale:

The DiamondBack Lustre One is a great beginner's mountain bike.  With the choice of either a 15- and 17-inch frame, it's perfect for teenage girls or adult women, and it's economic pricing means that it won't set you back much.

  • Recommended For: Younger girls or beginners, who want to try out their first serious mountain bike.

The DiamondBack Lustre Two is a souped up version of it's predecessor the Lustre One.  With upgrades such as a lightweight aluminum frame, an A-head threadless fork with a clamp-on stem, and a better shifter and rear derailleur, the Lustre Two raises the stakes and ensures a powerful riding machine for everything from backyards to downhill mayhem.

  • Recommended For: Women looking for an upgrade or Beginners who want to start off right.

The DiamondBack Lux is a a great mid-level mountain bike, built sturdily enough to handle anything you want to throw at it, but at a price that won't break the bank.

  • Recommended For: Beginner to Intermediate riders who are looking to upgrade or start their first trails.

The DiamondBack Lux Sport ups the ante of the original Lux with a number of improvements, including an upgraded fork, crank set, sealed bearing bottom bracket, double-wall rims, and Hayes disc brakes.  These performance upgrades won't go unnoticed, giving the bike increased durability and overall capability.

  • Recommended For: Intermediate to Expert riders, especially those looking for a more substantial bike than their current one.

All of DiamondBack's women's models come with are based on their patented Devine Designs line, which centers around providing a unique style and design to their many women's bikes, from mountain bikes to crusiers.  What does this mean for the consumer? That DiamondBack is not simply painting a few bikes pink and calling them women's bikes; they've spent considerable time and money designing them intentionally to provide the best experience for this newly expanding demographic.  So if you're a lady who likes to hit the trails, check out DiamondBack's offerings today!

Click here for the full listing of women's bikes offered by DiamondBack.

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